Q1: How do I know the venue for my fixture?

A1: The exact venue for your fixture will be sent to you via email.

Q2: I didn't get an email when I registered, what should I do?

A2: Send a mail to info@thelxg.com.ng using a valid email address and your complaint. We will take it form there.

Q3: How will I know the time for my game?

A3: Times for your fixture will be sent to you before each game provided as you qualify for each round of the competition

Q4: Do I have to pay once or will I pay for each game I play?

A4: You only pay once for the competition. Your payment secures you to every game in the competition, provided you qualify for those games.

Q5: How many matches will I play to win ₦500,000?

A5: To win the ₦500,000, you must qualify from the group stages to the knock out rounds before you reach the finals. A win then secures you the cash prize.

Q6: Is it a PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, X Box or X Box one competition?

A6: It is a PlayStation 4 competition.

Q7: What teams will be used for the competition? FUT teams or the regular teams?

A7: The regular teams will be used for the competition. Not FUT teams.

*** Don't seem to find what you're looking for. Kindly send a mail to info@thelxg.com.ng or reach us via our social media channels and we'd be glad to answer your questions.